Store service tester(Staging server accountchooser.BIZ is used. Switch to accountchooser.COM)

See tester for Select, or Update service.

Please input the account to be stored:
Display name:  
Photo URL:  
Provider ID:  
Display name:  
Photo URL:  
Provider ID:  

Note: To use staging server accountchooser.BIZ, include js file from, instead of

Below is the code used in the demo.

See client library doc for API details. Or learn more from Account Chooser Working Group.
function done(result, error) {
  if (result) {
    alert('receive result: ' + JSON.stringify(result));
  } else {
    alert('receive error: ' + JSON.stringify(error));

var client = window.accountchooser.CdsClient.init({
  popupMode: false,
  popupWidth: 640,
  popupHeight: 480,
  clientCallbackUrl: window.location.protocol + '//',
  callbacks: {
    store: done

var store = function() {
  var accounts = [{
     email: jQuery('#email').val(),
     displayName: jQuery('#displayName').val(),
     photoUrl: jQuery('#photoUrl').val(),
     providerId: jQuery('#providerId').val()
  if (jQuery('#multipleAccounts').attr('checked')) {
     email: jQuery('#email1').val(),
     displayName: jQuery('#displayName1').val(),
     photoUrl: jQuery('#photoUrl1').val(),
     providerId: jQuery('#providerId1').val()
  var cdsOptions = {language: jQuery('#language').val()};, cdsOptions);